Is it really just like Concrete Mender™?


We here at Roadware are familiar with the knock-off and look-alike products in the market place. These products fall into the category of a low viscosity polyurea.  Basically, what they have done is modify a standard polyurea joint filler and added a solvent to make it appear as a high-penetration Concrete Mender™-like product. They are all missing the key property and process that makes Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ unique and superior in overall performance. This process is called Microdoweling™. Roadware’s Microdoweling™ process uses a proprietary formula of polyurethanes and additives to achieve a measured surface tension of 0.026 N/m. (1/3 of water) Surface tension is a measurement of a liquids ability to break free of its own molecular friction and flow into something else.

Microdoweling™ is why Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ can penetrate easily into a concrete surface under adverse conditions, as is the case in distressed, broken and cracked concrete.

Other advantages for Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ are:

  • The lowest viscosity for easier mixing and blending.

  • Easy, one-step polishing and grinding. This material will not melt, smear, or gum up diamond polishing pads. An excellent parging compound.
  • Experienced and advanced packaging. Roadware cartridge packaging is reliable and works well in the field.
  • End-user color blending. New Concrete Mender™ Off-white can easily by manipulated into many colors by modifying the sand or adding pigments.
  • A modulus of elasticity that is slightly less then the concrete so repairs will move with the concrete and not against it.
  • Needle tip application.  A complete system of needle-tip cartridge mixers for pin-point application and hairline crack repair.
  • It’s all in the data. Roadware backs up the Microdoweling™ process with independent testing data and publishes here.


Concrete Mender™ Epoxy Grout Polyurea Crack Filler Low Viscosity Polyurea
Material Hybrid-Polyurethane Epoxy Polyurea Polyurea
Bonding Full Penetration Bond Surface bond only Surface bond only Surface Bond only
Microdoweling™ Surface Yes (1/3 of water) No No No
Viscosity (water = 1 cps) >8 cps 10,000 cps 1500cps 60 – 190cps
Grind and polish Yes No No Limited
Trowelable Yes Yes No Limited
Cooler/ Freezer Application – 30 ° F No Yes Yes
Structurally Re-bonds cracked slabs Yes No No No
Protects sidewalls from further damage Yes No No Limited
Feather edge repairs Yes No No Not listed
Cure time to traffic 10 Minutes 24 Hours 30 minutes 10-15 Minutes
Blending and Finishing 15 Minutes None None 24 Hours
Extendable with sand and rock Yes up to 6x No No Limited
Handy Cartridge Application Yes No No Yes
Non-shrinking Yes No No Unknown
Unlimited depth and width Yes No No Unknown
Chemical Resistance Excellent Fair Good Good
Dynamic Load Transfer Yes No No No
Needle tip gravity crack injection Yes No No No

This table shows typical product specifications and properties when compared to Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™.


MatchCrete Penetration

The image above shows how Microdoweling™ Concrete Mender™ penetrates beyond the typical bond line gets deep into the existing concrete. See more here.