5300C 600ml Dual Cartridge Application Tool

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For Professional Use Only

600ML (300×300) dual cartridge application tool for all Roadware 600ML cartridges.

Item Description

The 5300C application tool features all steel construction with a hardened steel catch mechanism. This too comes with additional push pads to accommodate different product ratios if needed.

Roadware 5300C 300ml x 300ml cartridge application tool.


Item Number 5300C
Carton Size 15x10x5
Weight 4
Case Quantity 6
Case Size 30x10x16 In 30 lbs
Schedule B Code 82055945
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For Professional Use Only

Products like 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ are designed for the concrete repair professional. They require training in the safe use of highly reactive two-component polyurethanes and advanced application techniques. While our videos make it all look easy, there is more involved for a successful application. This includes choosing the proper product for the repair, understanding how the concrete problem occurred and what the conditions are likely to be in the future.  We do not recommend use of Roadware products inside the home or in residential applications without the assistance of a trained and experienced professional. Your local Roadware distributor can assist you in choosing proper products and professional installers.