Craftsman trowel down a thin sealer coat of Roadware Freezer Floor Coating on to a prepared concrete floor at below freezing temperatures.

Roadware Concrete Mender™ Low Odor


Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor is a low viscosity two-part hybrid polyurethane that combines with sand to form a tough instant polymer concrete. This formula is designed for penetrating into the host concrete creating high bond strengths, reinforcement of the repair area as well as permanent repairs. Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor produces polymer concrete repairs that absorb the shock and transfers the load of heavy traffic without cracking or dis-bonding. It is highly chemically resistant and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. It is excellent for industrial floor repairs subject to forklift traffic and harsh conditions.


Repairing cracks, where future movement is not anticipated.
Restoring integrity to distressed concrete.
Repairing spalls and pop-outs in concrete.
Securing bolts, equipment, or railings into concrete.
Repairing concrete surface imperfections prior to coating.
Repairing cracks and spalls prior to coating.
Freezer thresholds and floor repairs.


Very low viscosity allows deep penetration into concrete.
Can be cartridge applied or bucket mixed..
When combined with manufactured sand, Concrete Mender Low Odor will form a tough 4100 psi polymer concrete with similar properties to existing concrete that will stay pliable over time.
Safe to use. Materials react quickly with almost no odor.
Self-leveling or may be combined with sand and worked with a trowel. Stays workable longer than similar materials.
Sets in 10-15 minutes after application at 70° F. Will also cure rapidly in subzero environments.


Long lasting repairs that accommodate harsh physical environments.
Easy preparation, a wire brush is all that is needed in some cases.
No downtime, repairs are fully ready for traffic in approximately 20 minutes from application.
Almost no noticeable odor, can be used in a wide range of indoor areas.


Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor is designed for use on interior or exterior concrete surfaces. It is not intended for repairing areas of movement such as exterior cracks and joints subject to regular freeze-thaw cycling. It must be applied to concrete free of surface moisture, dirt or contaminates.



Color Amber Clear
Compressive Strength w/o and with sand  1680-2770 psi
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 1462 psi
Elongation ASTM D638 15%

Modulus (ksi) w/o or w sand

46 – 173

Viscosity 150cps
V.O.C. (Mixed)  Zero
Cure Time (Tac Free) 10-15 minutes at 21°C
Packaging 60300K 600ml Cartridge
60475K One quart bulk kit
60020K 2-Gallon Kit
Application Temperature 0°F to 95°F, -18°C to 35°C


Concrete must be clean, dry and free of dirt and contaminants. Use mechanical methods to remove loose concrete and profile hard troweled surfaces. Use surface applied heat to remove ice or frost if present.


Bulk: Mix at a 1:1 ratio in a bucket by hand for 30 seconds. Start with a one quart total batch. Add up to two quarts of 40-30 grit or larger dry manufactured sand or quartz and blend well.


Cartridge: Apply a thin layer of material into the crack, joint or spall. Add 1/4” of manufactured sand or quartz. Apply additional material to saturate the sand. Work in layers filling the repair area to just above grade. Trowel as necessary.
Bulk: Apply mixed material directly to the repair area. Screed off excess and allow to cure.


Cure time is 10-15 minutes at 21°C Repairs can be ground smooth, polished or coated after 6 hours.


New Freezer Floor Coating Stops Concrete Dusting

Roadware 60300K Concrete Mender Low Odor 600 ml cartridge.
Roadware 60300K Concrete Mender Low Odor 600 ml cartridge.
60020K Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor 2-Gallon bulk mix kit.
Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor 2-Gallon Kit.
Roadware Concrete Mender Low Odor 2-Gallon Kit.

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