Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™

Now you can repair cracks and spalls to a smooth finish in a fraction of the time it takes with ordinary products. Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender is a revolutionary new two-part hybrid urethane for repairing concrete. It’s nearly water thin for deep penetration and it won’t pop out like epoxy because it never gets brittle.

What makes Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender different from other concrete repair products?

coreRoadware 10 Minute Conrcete Mender™ is a two-part polyurethane that penetrates deep into concrete to make permanent repairs. Nearly thin as water at less than 9cps, Concrete Mender™ actually injects itself into the matrix of the concrete and shores up the existing concrete as well as making the repair. Concrete Mender™ eliminates the bond-line as it Microdowels into the concrete. We call it Microdowling™.
wheelPermanent repair in 10 minutes. In just minutes after application, Concrete Mender™ cures to a tough 4500psi polymer concrete that transfers heavy loads throughout the repair area. No more pop outs.
productsCures in just 10 minutes at 70°F (21°C) • Works in freezers below -20°F (-28°C) • May be polished • Never gets brittle • Easily applied • Contains no epoxy or polyurea • Easy to mix • Nonflammable • Low V.O.C’s • Paintable • Coatable • Sandable • Meets USDA guidelines • And more…
80300-cartSelf-mixing at point of application.
Use a standard 1:1 ratio 600ml cartridge application gun. See Cartridge Application Instructions.

needleNeedle tip mixes are available.
For precise application. Choose from 14, 15 or 18 gauge.

Full depth crack injection without pumps or ports. Easy to use Sift-tip injection mixers make full depth crack injection possible.
pourBulk mix application for larger cracks and spalls. Available in one gallon containers, two-gallon kits. Simply add sand and mix by hand. Also available in ten-gallon kits.
chartExtend with sand.
One gallon of Concrete Mender™ makes about 2.2 gallons of repair material when combined with 2 parts silica sand. 2X the yield of epoxy or polyurea. See our Product Estimator.
freezerFreezer Floors
Repair concrete at working freezer temperatures below -20°F (-28°C).
grindGrind, polish and coat. Accepts polishing or most coating systems in about 10 minutes at 70°F (21°C)
Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender double in volume with combined with two parts 4030 manufactured sand.

“The key is the surface tension,” says Kelton Glewwe, Marketing Vice President. “With a surface tension one-third of water, Concrete Mender can slip deep down into the concrete surfaces and dowel itself into millions of micro fractures in the cracked concrete. We call the process Microdoweling™ and it only exists in Concrete Mender™ You can actually see it with an electron microscope. We have the full report on the Roadware website.” Top experts in the concrete industry agree and recommend Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ for repairs in places like Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Target, Honda, Boeing, Costco, Best Buy, and many more. “Wherever people have to depend on their floor, the experts in the industry depend on Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™.”


Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ has a strong history of repairing shrinkage cracks and spalls in elevated structures such as parking decks, bridges, and airport terminals. Concrete Mender™ is considered a structural polyurethane and can be used where the surrounding concrete is stable.

Structural Polyurethane– A polyurethane based material that restores structural integrity and aggregate interlock to distressed concrete by using low surface tension and low viscosity to penetrate concrete surfaces and cross -linking polymer chains to bond directly to the concrete-aggregate matrix.  This bonding action utilizes capillary forces to self-inject polymer chains into the surrounding concrete. This material should have a modulus of elasticity less than the surrounding concrete and should not become brittle over time. This material may be combined with manufactured sand to form a PCC compatible polymer concrete that can structurally repair concrete cracks and spalls.

Advantages– Due to the very low surface tension of the material and low viscosity, complete saturation bonding of cracks can be easily achieved. Minimal prep to remove loose debris is all that is normally required.  This can be considered a structural repair if the material is allowed to gravity flow to the full depth of the crack. Manufactured sand or quartz may be introduced into the repair as necessary to prevent under slab ponding and material waste. For repair greater than 0.125 inches, specified sand may be added at a ratio of two parts sand to one part mixed polyurethane as the crack is filled to extend the material and add strength. The sand also brings the thermal coefficient of expansion of the repair material closer in-line with surrounding concrete. Polyurethanes of this nature may be applied in a wide range to sub-straight temperatures making them useful in frozen and cold storage warehouse applications or cold weather application below -20F (-23C). Repairs are typically ready to accept traffic in approximately 10 minutes at 72F (22C).

Limitations- The surrounding concrete must be surface dry, cured for at least 60 days. Finished repairs may, “yellow” in appearance over time when exposed to UV sunlight. In exterior conditions, only low to non-movement cracks should be repaired.

“Roadware Easy Injection and needle tip crack injection costs less to install and is more effective than pressure applied epoxy injection methods.” according to top concrete repair contractors. “We can get in, permanently repair the cracks, and get out in the same time it use to take just to install the old injection ports.”

Roadware 1006-15 Static Mixer 24 element with 15 gauge needle application tip.
Roadware 1006-15 Static Mixer 24 element with 15 gauge needle application tip.
Roadware 1006-STR Static Mixer 24 element with 3/8" soft Easy-injection tip.
Roadware 1006-STR Static Mixer 24 element with 3/8″ soft Easy-injection tip.


Concrete Mender™ Spalled Control Joint Repair in progress.

Use Roadware needle tip injection to repair hairline cracks in concrete floors.
Use Roadware needle tip injection to repair hairline cracks in concrete floors.
Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender with Easy-injection mixer repairing a hairline crack.
The core sample shows full depth repair down 24 inches.
The core sample shows full depth repair down 24 inches.

See more on Concrete Mender™ below:

The Concrete Mender One Page Pitch

Here is the  Roadware Concrete Mender One Page Pitch. Things you need to know when considering, recommending, specifying, and using Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ Download the PDF here:


COVID19 Operations

Roadware stands ready to supply immediate concrete repair needs for warehouses, cold chain logistics, manufacturing,  and supply. Repairs can be made with almost no downtime and under operational conditions. Please call 1-800-522-7623 or 1-651-457-6122 to be connected with our worldwide network of distributors waiting to assist. Or, send email to We ask that visitors … Continue reading COVID19 Operations

Concrete repair for AGV floors starts with Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender.

Smart floor repairs for AGV’s and warehouse robots.

Smart repairs for floors with AGV or Automated Guided Vehicle robots.

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Roadware Easy Injection Video

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Concrete Mender crack injection with speed inject mixer.

Full Depth Crack Injection with Concrete Mender.

For many years, engineers have looked for ways to fully inject repair polymers into cracked concrete structures. The general consensus is to seal off the crack with a sacrificial epoxy and install injection ports every few inches. Then thick epoxy is injected under high pressure into the crack with expensive resin injection pumps. The process … Continue reading Full Depth Crack Injection with Concrete Mender.

The Splash Pool in South Saint Paul, Minnesota in 2017. Repaired with Concrete Mender in 2001.

Swimming Pool Repair with Concrete Mender

What do you do when your pool has cracks and spalls and it has to be open is three days? Back in 2001, the City of South Saint Paul, Minnesota had a problem with their new splash pool. Just before opening the pool for its second season, cracks and spalls were discovered in the concrete … Continue reading Swimming Pool Repair with Concrete Mender


Hoover Dam Demonstration Project Update

Project Update: Almost 7 years after application, this Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ and MatchCrete™ Clear repair still looks good. Roadware Hoover Dam Demonstration Project Use Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender and MatchCrete™ Clear to make decorative and color matching repairs.   1) Top of dam shows various cracks.   2) Damage is built up with … Continue reading Hoover Dam Demonstration Project Update

Floor repair stands up to forklift damage.

  The Microdoweling™ action of Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ can structurally, “glue” concrete back together. Pictured here is a concrete break-out caused by a forklift hitting an anchored steel bollard.   Concrete Mender™ was used to re-attach the broken concrete piece and repair the crack.   After about 10 minutes, the repair was buffed … Continue reading Floor repair stands up to forklift damage.


Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference Free Registration

Roadware is exhibiting at the CP&S show in Milwaukee on October 20-22, 2016 in booth #119. NOW #219 The International Concrete Polishing & Staining Conference and Expo is the only event of its kind specifically designed for concrete polishing professionals. This show offers 20+ conference sessions, an Exhibit Hall featuring polishing equipment and products, slab … Continue reading Concrete Polishing and Staining Conference Free Registration


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