Concrete Mender™ Safety Yellow

Roadware  Concrete Mender™ Safety Yellow  is a high-penetration two-part hybrid urethane that may be combined with sand to form a tough instant polymer concrete. This nearly water thin formula is designed to penetrate deep into the host concrete creating high-performance saturation bond, reinforcement of the repair area as well as permanent floor marking.

Roadware Concrete Mender™ Safety Yellow produces polymer concrete markings that absorb shock and transfers the load of heavy traffic without cracking or dis-bonding. It is highly chemically resistant and can be applied in a wide range of temperatures. It is excellent for industrial floor markings in cold storage and freezer warehouses.


  • Cures traffic ready in about 10 minutes at 70°F (21°C).
  • Works in freezers. May be used at temperatures below -20°F (-28°C).
  • Will not become brittle and crack apart like epoxy.
  • Will not peel off like paint.
  • Complete saturation bonding with the concrete with Microdoweling™.
  • Highly chemical resistant.
  • Bright yellow color when cured.
  • Easy to clean
  • Based on Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ with a 20 year track record in repairing concrete floors.


  • Less down time
  • Save money with a permanent solution.
  •  Increased safety


  • 50 ml dual cartridge (70105Y)
  • 21 fl oz. dual cartridge units (600 ml) with mixer (70300Y) 2 gallon kits (7.57 liters) in two parts (70020Y)
  • 10 gallon units (45 liters) in two parts (70050Y) Color: Applies as a yellow transparent liquid and cures to a bright safety yellow.
Typical Properties: Value (average)
Hardness @ 72° F. (22° C) 72D
Compressive Strength 4500psi
Elongation 6%
Tensile Strength 4475 psi
Bond Strength, ASTM 882-99 1984 psi
 Viscosity (at application) <8 cps
V.O.C.(mixed) 5.5 g/l
Surface Tension (Wilhelmy Plate) 0.026 N/m
Solids: 98%
Cured Color Safety Yellow
Gel time @ 72° F (22° C) 6-7 min
Cure time @ 72° F (22° C) 10 min
Ambient temperature range for application -30°F – 100°F (-34C – 38C)


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