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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big a crack can I fix?
Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ can repair cracks and spalls of all depths and sizes. In over 20 years we have not encountered a job too big, too deep, or too wide for Concrete Mender. We have even used solid Concrete Mender to support railroad weigh scales for Burlington Northern.

2. Can I use Mender for an overlay?
Only in small areas. While it is possible to apply 10 Minute Concrete Mender over large surfaces, we do not recommend the material for general overlay use. The rapid curing nature of Concrete Mender makes smooth coatings over a large area difficult. The material itself was not designed as an overlay. Mender is excellent for repairing floors before coatings are applied.

3. How about using Mender in a freezer?
Yes, 10 Minute Concrete Mender works great in freezers and coolers. Use the same techniques that are used in normal floors with the following exceptions. Keep the material and sand at room temperature (70-80° F), and allow for extra curing time. Make sure the floor dry and free from frost or ice. Use a propane torch or electric heat guns to dry the repair area if needed.  Contractors have used mender in flash freezers (-30°F) with excellent results. For detailed information, see Cold Storage and Warehouse Applications.

4. What is the shelf-life of Concrete Mender?
With recent changes in Roadware packaging and scheduling, over 90% of Roadware cartridges are packaged and shipped within 72 hours. That means you will always get fresh cartridges when you order product. We guarantee the shelf life of factory sealed Roadware products for one year when stored properly. Of course we rarely find any cartridges sitting on the shelf that long. Roadware bulk materials packed in steel cans will last for one year or longer when stored in a cool dry place. Be sure to mix side “A” and side “B” separately before use. Opened containers should be resealed with a head of dry grade nitrogen to prevent moisture contamination. Nitrogen is available from welding supply dealers. You will need a tank, a regulator, and an air hose with a trigger valve on the end. Just before resealing the cans, shoot in a little nitrogen. Your Concrete Mender will be fresh and ready to go for the next job.

5. Can I get extra instruction sheets?
Yes, many distributors sell partial cases of product. Roadware wants every end user to have an instruction sheet. If you need extra copies, call Roadware at 800-522-7623. We will send them out ASAP.

6. Can we link our web site to your web site?
Yes, Roadware encourages distributors and customers to use our Internet web site for the latest product information, specifications, and SDS sheets.

7. Can 10 Minute Concrete Mender be air shipped?
Yes. Both 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ and Flexible Cement II™ are non IATA/DOT regulated and non-hazardous. They may be shipped standard air freight. We recommend using the original shipping containers and including the SDS sheets on the outside on the box with the packing list just in case the box gets severely damaged and product should leak out. Do place Roadware products in your personal checked or carry-on luggage.

8. Where can I get sand for Concrete Mender?
Good sand can be found at most places that supply the sandblasting industry. The best sand is dry white silica/sandblasting sand with a gradation close to table sugar. For hairline crack repairs a finer sand can be used. For larger repairs a courser sand will work. Do not use play sand, beach sand or concrete sand. They contain too much dust and moisture. If you do not have the proper sand in your area, we can arrange for sand to be purchased and shipped from the Chicago area.

9. Why the clear cap on the Concrete Mender?
The clear cap has three functions. It protects the cartridge when it is out of the shipping case. It holds the flow restrictor in place when packaged. And it can be used to catch drips from the end of the mixer when moving from crack to crack.

10. Can I reuse the mixer?
Yes, Mender only. If you immediately remove the mixer from the cartridge and empty it out completely, the mixer can be reused. The same goes for the flow restrictor. With Flexible Cement II, you can use the same mixer with multiple cartridges if you work fast. This will reduce the small amount of material left in each used mixer.

11. Can I buy Concrete Mender™ to repair my driveway?

Products like 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ are designed for the concrete repair professional. They require training in the safe use of highly reactive two-component polyurethanes and advanced application techniques. While our videos make it all look easy, there is more involved for a successful application. This includes choosing the proper product for the repair, understanding how the concrete problem occurred and what the conditions are likely to be in the future.  We do not recommend use of Roadware products inside the home or in residential applications without the assistance of a trained and experienced professional. Your local Roadware distributor can assist you in choosing proper products and professional installers.

12. Can I inject Concrete Mender into cracks and delaminations.

Absolutely! And you don’d need expensive pumps, ports or cutting to do it. See more here.

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