Concrete Mender™ Vertical Crack Injection

Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ can be an effective injection resin for vertical concrete repairs. The Gebbie Tech Injection System can help install Concrete Mender™  deep into vertical cracks with out messy ports or extra days waiting for epoxy to cure. You can structurally bond a wall back together with Microdoweling™ Concrete Mender™ and Gebbie Tech patented nozzles.

Roadware recommends the Gebbie Tech System for using Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender to repair vertical cracks in walls and structures from hairline to 1/4″ in width.

  • Comprehensive testing by Opus International Consultants – repairs have consistently achieved results higher than the manufactured panel.

  • Full training in the system – a step by step training video and instructional booklet is included within each kit.

  • Save time and money! Conventional repair methods with epoxy have longer repair times, additional downtime and are more expensive.

  • Use a hand gun – no need for expensive pumps! The Gebbie Tech System uses the cost effective Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender™ hand gun to repair walls.

  • Complete penetration.  Due to the composition of the Roadware 10-Minute Concrete Mender™ the resin travels easily from the injection point.

  • The approved vertical wall repair system.  The Gebbie Tech System is listed in Roadware’s 10 Minute Mender Concrete  Data Sheet as the approved method of vertical concrete wall repair.

  • Repairs cracks from a hairline through to  quarter inch.  Walls are repaired within 2 – 12 hours depending on the temperature, and the length of the cracks.

Here is a presentation on how the system works.

To order visit: Gebbie Tech

Contact Kelton at Roadware 651-717-4382 for more information, testing data, and further instructions.

Using the Gebbie Tech System, you can inject Concrete Mender™ deep into the crack and make an excellent repair.
Finished repairs using Concrete Mender™ are buffed smooth and are ready for paint.

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