MATS300 300ML Molding and Tack Strip Cement

300ml dual cartridge of Roadware MATS Molding and Tack Strip Cement. Fits standard 150 x 150ml cartridge application caulking gun.

Item Description

Roadware Molding and Tack Strip Cement 300ml dual cartridge. MATS300

Roadware Molding And Tack Strip Cement™ is a two component hydrophobic hybrid polyurethane system for bonding tack strips and moldings to concrete or wood floors. This material forms a tough weather resistant bond that resists cracking or splitting due to heavy traffic or harsh conditions.


• Completely cures in 15 – 20 minutes after application for heavy traffic at 70° F. Will also cure rapidly in subzero environments.

• Excellent bonding strength in a wide temperature range to concrete, brick, tile, steel, asphalt, and wood.

• Remains flexible.

• Excellent chemical resistance.

• All material is self-mixed and delivered at the point of application. No messy pot-mixing or wasted product.

• Safe to use. Materials react quickly and are solvent and odor free with 100% solids and no VOC’s. Nonflammable.


• Save labor, carpet can be laid in 15 minutes after application at 70° F. No return trips are necessary.

• Long lasting repairs that accommodate harsh physical environments and thermal movement.

• Odor free and nonflammable, can be used in a wide range of indoor areas.

• Easy application. All material is self-mixed with specially designed packaging.


• Bonding tack strips to concrete or wood floors

• Bonding carpet moldings to concrete or wood floors.

• Bonding stair nosings to concrete, wood, or steel stairs.

• Repairing concrete cracks and spalls.

Typical Properties, do not use for specification purposes. Contact Roadware for details. This material is for professional use only by qualified and trained personnel. Read all MSDS sheets before using. Safety glasses, gloves and standard chemical handling practices are required when using this product.

© 1999 Roadware Incorporated. Roadware Molding Tack Strip Cement is a trademark of Roadware Inc.

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