Repair Crack and Spalls in stamped concrete with MatchCrete™ Clear

You can use MatchCrete™ Clear Concrete Repair Polyurethane to repair intregal color or stamped concrete.


Step 1: Remove dirt, loose concrete, repair materials or failed caulk.


Use a diamond blade to slightly cut open the crack and clean out loose concrete and debris.


Use tape to mask off the crack.


Gather materials needed to make the repair. From left to right we have some brown concrete pigment, silica sand (43-30 grit), black unsanded tile grout for color, and a mixing cup.


Dispence the MatchCrete™ Clear into a cup.


Add a littlt silica sand to give the MatchCrete™ Clear some base color.


To create your color, add a smallamount of powdered concrete pigment and blend with a mixing stick.


Concrete pigments are strong. It just takes a small amount to color the product.


Here we are adding some black unsanded tile grout to the mix to make a closely matching color to the stamped concrete. You can use many types of sand and dry pigments to create the desired color and texture.


Blend well by hand for about 30 seconds. You will have about 10 – 15 minutes of working time before the product starts to gel. Work in small batches.


Pour the blended MatchCrete™ Clear into the crack. The material will start to gel and can be troweled into place before setting.


Allow to set for about 30 minutes and pull the tape.


The repair can will be ready for traffic in about an hour. Roadware MatchCrete™ Clear repairs are tough and will not crack apart like cement based materials. The repair is UV color stable and will not become brittle like epoxy. Please click here for a MatchCrete™ Clear data sheet.

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