Roadware 50ml Cartridge Application Tool Instructions #5150

Roadware 5150 50ml Application Tool Assembly  and Usage Instructions



1) Each 5150 application tool comes with a blue cartridge applicator and a grey plunger assembly.


2) Application Tool Assembly. Press upward on the steel release lever on the back of the tool and insert the plunger teeth side down into the front of the tool.



3) While keeping the steel release lever pressed up, pull the plunger all the way back until it stops.


4) Loading. Rotate open the application tool cartridge breech.


5) Insert cartridge into the breech leaving cartridge plungers and cap intact.


6) Push cartridge down all the way into the application tool breech.


7) Close the breech as shown.


8) Remove cartridge cap by twisting 1/4 turn and lifting off.


9) Attach mixer with a 1/4 twist as shown. Attach OPTIONAL needle tip if desired.


10) Apply material by squeezing the trigger using slow and steady strokes. Press up on the steel release lever to stop material flow if necessary.

11) To remove empty cartridge, press up on the steel release lever and pull the plunger assembly all the way back. Open the breech and remove empty cartridge.

See Video:

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