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Use Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ to repair concrete statuary.

In October 2014, Roadware was exhibiting at the Concrete Decor Show in Ft Worth, Texas. After the first day of the show, I received a phone call from an exhibitor working in the Decorative Concrete Competition at the show. A decorative art piece cracked in half as it was removed from its mold. The piece was intended to be a giant leaf shaped chair. The question now was, can it be fixed and would Concrete Mender™ work?

I walked back over the show at the Ft Worth Convention Center and this is what I encountered.

The “Chair” was broken into two parts right at the critical stress point in the middle.
We carefully pushed the two pieces together using care to mate the surfaces as closely as possible and supported the chair with wood 2×4’s and some shims. I then place duct tape on the bottom of the break to hold the Concrete Mender™ in place while it cured.

I used two 50ml cartridges of Concrete Mender and 4030 silica sand to make a full depth repair.

This is how the repair looked when I was finished.

The next morning, we came back and removed the wooden supports and the duct tape. The repair held perfectly. The Concrete Mender has structurally repaired the high strength concrete back together. 

William Reynolds with element7concrete continued with the project by scoring veins in the leaf with a diamond blade.
A high gloss glaze was added to the surface.

You could barely see the break when the glaze cured.

The repair was strong enough the hold together when moving the chair into the exhibit.

The finished work help together for the duration of the show and the move out process after. Roadware 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ with its Microdoweling™ structural bonding really saved the day.
Thank you to William Reynolds with element7concrete in Granite Shoats, Texas for their masterful artistic skills and all their hard work.
Once work got out that I repaired the chair, I was call on to repair other projects at the convention like   this long horn steer.
I use 10 Minute Concrete Mender™ to repair the tip of the horn.

You would never know it was broken.